Weight Loss

Many people come to Dr. Walsdorf looking to lose weight. Some just want to shed 10 pounds, others want to lose 60 pounds. Regardless, these patients often want to work with a doctor who will guide them to do things differently than they currently are doing.

Which brings us to the concept of there being two parts to being a doctor. One is to help give the patient remedies for their problem, the other goes back to the origin of the word “doctor”. Doctor originates with the word “doceur”, to teach.

Doctors are meant to teach their patients important things, to guide them toward doing things differently. When you come to think of it, how much teaching do most doctors do these days? Over the course of his 30 years in practice, Dr. Walsdorf has discovered not only important therapeutic procedures and very useful nutritional supports, but also important things to teach his patients.

Dr. Walsdorf has developed a four part healing system for weight loss that builds upon this need for nutritional supports to help promote weight loss, special exercises that rev-up the body’s weight-losing processes, and inspirational knowledge about the nuts and bolts of losing weight effectively. It gives his patients who are seeking to lose weight a set of four things they will need to do as they work with him.

There are four interlocking parts of Dr. Walsdorf’s program for weight loss.

Strengthening you Nutritionally

The Water Principle of health gives us the vitality we each crave by way of the biochemistry of life. When you come to think of it, the biochemistry of life acts through the medium of water. Water and the blood that it builds, brings nourishment to each and every cell. If we feel energetic it is because these nutrients and the biochemical reactions they create, are plentiful within us. Likewise, if we feel dull and lethargic, if we fatigue and tire easily, the power of the Water Principle is not operating well within us.

When you work with Dr. Walsdorf, you will find a doctor who will help you with your nutritional needs. Further with the Nutrition Response Testing that he employs, he will test you to see where there might be a breakdown in particular organ physiologies, which are keeping you from being energetic, from being able to digest or metabolize foods.

Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Walsdorf might find that your stomach is not digesting your proteins properly, which makes your body think it is being starved of needed nutrients – pushing it to overeat. It is not uncommon for overweight people to have a breakdown in their body’s ability to maintain its blood sugar levels. This gives you the unfortunate urge to eat starchy or sweet foods to get quick boosts of energy. This pancreas and liver mediated issue often must be addressed with special nutrients and diet changes. Sometimes the kidneys or thyroid need to be supported. Nutrition Response Testing helps Dr. Walsdorf to pick up these things.

Often Dr. Walsdorf recommends his Body Purification Program – a cleansing, or detoxifying system. This is a 3 week program that helps to break the body out of its old patterns of eating and metabolizing foods. Further, it ramps up the liver’s capacity to metabolize fat – and the toxins stored in your fat cells. Losing weight is harder when your liver does not have the detoxifying nutrients needed to breakdown the toxins stored in the fat as that fat is brought to the liver to be metabolized for energy.

Patients notice a boost in energy levels in this Body Purification Program, and when they get the right nutritional supports by Dr. Walsdorf to help their weaker, or stressed, organs. As you work with Dr. Walsdorf you will change your body’s habit patterns and your own mental thought processes to make it easier to lose weight – and keep it off!

Strengthening your Body’s Earth energy

According to Eastern medicine, there is an Earth element to the body that gives it the correct physical shape and structure it needs to be healthy and vibrant. When the Earth element is functioning well within us, the “Innate Intelligence” of the body knows what it must do to maintain its proper shape, or regain its correct physical shape if one is overweight. From an energetic perspective, patients who have weight issues often have a breakdown of “the Earth Principle” operating within them.

People who can maintain their right weight generally have a goodly amount of this Earth Principle circulating through them, or at least do not have a constitutional weakness toward gaining weight. If being overweight is a weak link in your body physiology, a lowered amount of this Earth Principle makes you more susceptible to weight gain – toward your body taking on an improper physical shape, as in becoming overweight.

Still, as many will notice, it appears to be too easy to gain weight as we age. Most people can benefit then, from insuring that their amount of Earth energy is strong so that it becomes easier to maintain one’s correct shape and size.

Either way – whether you have slowly (or suddenly) been putting on the weight as you have been getting older, or have been overweight for many years, Dr. Walsdorf has a set of powerful, effective ways to help get this Earth Principle working stronger within you. As it turns out, posture, alignment of your skeletal system, and walking properly play an essential role in permitting this Earth force of health to operate within you.

Increasing your Chi

Many people today are overweight because they don’t use their muscles enough. Part of our modern lifestyle pushes us to become less physically active. If you want to lose weight you must find a way to become more physically active.

How we become physically active is through our muscles. According to Eastern medicine, how we use our muscles affects the flow of chi in us. This chi is the vitality and vigor of our lives; our health comes as this chi is able to move well through us.

Being overweight, lethargic, low energy, depressed often comes because this chi is not moving through us well. Along the same lines, chi is what enables us to feel empowered. Overweight people often do not feel empowered.

The self-empowerment that muscular activity induces is akin to “pulling our self up by our bootstraps”. While coffee and other stimulants can give you bursts of being empowered, it is one’s muscularity – the everyday use of one’s muscles – that grounds this empowerment into the physical reality of our body.

If you want to lose weight, Dr. Walsdorf recommends beginning by not using “labor-saving” machines as often as many of us tend toward doing. For example, unless you have a large family, start washing your dishes by hand; walk instead of driving your car (or park further from the entrance door of your work place).

When you walk, swing your arms more; walk with oomph! Dr. Walsdorf will teach you how to walk in ways that gets your chi activated. He will work with you to help you develop a routine of physical activity that will help you lose weight! And remember, it’s easier to do these things when you are under his care – especially with the high power nutritional supports you will be using.

Improving your Nervous System State

Often Dr. Walsdorf notices that people who have been chronically overweight are emotionally burdened with things that weigh them down. Their minds tend to focus upon the small things. They on some level see these small things as giving their life substance – which it does, as in their accumulating of too much body flesh.

Many of these overweight people do better if they purposely focus their mind upon higher-level things. Part of Dr. Walsdorf’s weight loss program is the instruction to direct your mind to learning new things. Instead of reading tabloids read a National Geographic magazine; instead of foolish TV sitcoms, watch PBS or the History Channel. Learning new things burns calories. The brain is one of the biggest users of calories in the body!

Weight loss often is helped by having a goal you want to be able to accomplish once you do lose weight, or a vision of what you’ll look like. Meditating on your goal and the positive implications of meeting that goal will push the reach of your goal throughout your body by way of the power of your nervous system. Dr. Walsdorf will help you do these things.

Your nervous system is what organizes your body. It can do much to change the subconscious undercurrents that may be sabotaging your weight loss (or any of your higher) goals. This part of you may benefit from the spinal adjustments and Cranial-facial therapies that Dr. Walsdorf often incorporates into his holistic set of therapies. This helps to release your higher-level nervous system stresses.

Dr. Walsdorf will teach you how to breathe in ways that help you to reduce your stress burden as well. He holds classes devoted to inspiring the higher parts of your self into action. Dr. Walsdorf’s four part healing system has the power to change people’s lives because it engages the four essential parts of your body – posture and alignment, nutrition, muscular empowerment, and the nervous system.

I was overweight for years. I tried a lot of different weight loss programs. Dr. W helped me lose 35 pounds through a combination of things. He helped me walk with more of what he loves to call “vim and vigor”, he found a way to help my pancreas and liver to keep my blood sugar better so I wasn’t craving carbs so much anymore. He even helped me reduce my stress through his breathing and cranial techniques. A lot of great things began with the cleansing program he put me on. I’ve never had as much energy as I have now! I can’t say enough about the positive changes I’ve had under his care!

Linda V.