Helping Patients with Fatigue and Thyroid Issues

Dr. Walsdorf loves helping patients who come in after seeing other doctors for tiredness and fatigue. Sometimes they have been told they have chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia and are given a prescription for antidepressants or lyrica, some are told they have thyroid problems, and want to avoid taking drugs like synthroid for the rest of their life.

When someone comes to see Dr. Walsdorf with symptoms that suggest thyroid or other problems, he will study blood chemistries and do a variety of tests to better understand what is happening internally in their body. As a holistic doctor, Dr. Walsdorf does not treat disease and illnesses per se, he treats the body as a whole so as to “shore up” those weak links.

Other fatigue issues could be related to blood sugar, liver or adrenal issues. It is important to understand where the weak link in a person’s body is, which is creating this fatigue.

When you become a patient of Dr. Walsdorf you will notice that he has a unique, whole person set of healing therapies. Called the “4 Element Natural Healing System”, there are four interlocking parts to how he helps his patients who present with fatigue and other health problems.

The four interlocking parts of his system are:

Nutritional Wellness

There is obviously a biochemistry to health. And indeed, this is the realm in which drugs act. More importantly as far as the everyday (and long term) health of each of us, one’s diet has a great affect upon the biochemical aspect of our health.

The biochemistry of each organ – meaning its physiological activities – depend upon the vitality of the nourishment we bring into the body. The 4 Element Healing System pays attention to this organ-building, blood-based nourishment. Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Walsdorf will analyze your body’s organ reflexes to gauge weaknesses in your body.

More and more, Dr. Walsdorf is finding patients coming in with diagnoses of Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune problem involving the thyroid. It should be pointed out, however, that Dr. Walsdorf does not treat diseases, but treats people who often have a variety of health issues, and with constitutional and dietary weaknesses that when addressed, can help the body to renew its own health naturally.

Often Dr. Walsdorf will want to see any blood work-ups you may have had in the past, and will order others when necessary to see body biochemistries.

He will analyze your diet and look at such things as acid:base balance. You will be taught how to look at food in a way that makes it easier to eat healthier. He carries special nutritional supports that work to help correct your underlying biochemical weaknesses.

While iodine is one important nutrient that the thyroid requires, there are a lot of other nutrients that it requires. Dr. Walsdorf also uses glandular extracts, which help stimulate organ renewal and health. Often there is a need to help the liver, pancreas and adrenals.


When there is a lack of alignment – often due to postural issues – there is a greater amount of “structural fatigue” within the tissues of an organ. Rarely do medical doctors think in terms of this structural fatigue and alignment issues when they think of organ pathology. However there is evidence that structural fatigue plays a role in the health of all organs.

As part of your structural alignment, do not be surprised if Dr. Walsdorf gives you special walking exercises to help improve the alignment issues that may be impacting your thyroid or other organ tissues. These will often involve an increased emphasis on your heel strike. Your head and neck posture (or alignment) also affects the functioning of the thyroid.

Exercising “Chi” into your Organs

One of Dr. Walsdorf’s strengths is his ability to integrate Eastern and Western medicine. Acupuncture relates organ health to the “chi” within one’s organs. Dr. Walsdorf has written extensively on how this chi is affected by how we move on a daily basis. He has developed a special exercise program expressly for his organ health patients.

When you are a patient of Dr. Walsdorf and you have fatigue problems, Dr. Walsdorf will probably give you special exercises that strengthen the chi of the thyroid or other organ systems that he notices seem weak. These exercises come out of the 4 Element Yoga that Dr. Walsdorf has developed over his 30 years of practice.

You will learn that the way you use your muscles pumps your acupuncture circuits. For example, Dr. Walsdorf and other doctors have discovered that your thyroid is particularly vitalized by arm-related activities. Your thyroid is oriented toward keeping your body active – metabolizing the energy needed to keep the upper body (with its arms and hands) vibrant and active.

As you work within this important realm of health, Dr. Walsdorf will analyze your breathing patterns and teach you breathing techniques that will make your body stronger and dissipate stress. That is one reason why your posture and even the way you walk and breathe have a great influence on your health. Your thyroid is in your throat, influenced by the dynamics of what is going on there and in your neck. Breathing and talking clearly are two important human processes that are centered in the thyroid region.

Nerve Energy Therapies

Every organ depends upon nerve energy to be directed, organized and put into synch with the rest of the body’s organs. There are two parts to Dr. Walsdorf’s Nerve Energy Therapies. One is his Chiropractic adjustments to the spine, and the other is his Cranial-Sinus Technique.

For example, your thyroid receives its nerve energy from important spinal centers, especially Cervical 6 and Thoracic 2. Spinal adjustments can help improve the flow of that nerve energy. Cranial-Sinus Technique is a gentle technique to help eliminate higher-level tensions.

These higher-level tensions block the energy flow from the brain downward into the body. You will learn how to direct your nerve energy into blocked parts of your body. As you do, you will find that you can use your mental energy to direct the power of your Innate Intelligence.

The Innate Intelligence is that power of life that made and maintains the body, and which must be stimulated or otherwise released into blocked areas of the body when that “sick” part of the body goes “off line”. Nerve energy is seen by chiropractors as the conveyer of this Innate Intelligence. Releasing misaligned spinal vertebrae help the Innate to better organize, heal and renew stressed, sick, or dis-eased body tissues.

Before I got treated by Dr. Walsdorf I was always tired. My doctor said it was my thyroid and wanted to put me onto medication for that. Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Walsdorf found that my adrenals were struggling from all the stress I was under. When the adrenals don’t work, he said, your body doesn’t have the wherewithal to be energetic. Anyhow, he helped my adrenals and even my liver, and I’m feeling alive and energized again. Thanks, Dr. W.

Sandy D.