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Remove stress from your daily life

A significant problem for many people is the amount of stress they feel each day. Various studies have shown that stress plays a great role in many diseases – it weakens your body and permits your weak links to rise up to the surface. It has a role in heart disease, digestive problems, diabetes and weight gain for example. Obviously as well, stress affects one’s mood and the way we deal with other people. It therefore has both an affect upon on our personal and social lives.

Dr. Walsdorf’s 4 Element Healing Program is possibly the finest way to deal with stress because it tackles it from a variety of angles – four of them to be exact. It represents a leading-edge way of understanding how things can go wrong in the body – and further, how to correct stress and other health problems when they show up. The 4 Element Healing Program works to help you with stress in the following ways.

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Removing Stress with life’s Earth Principle

As you might sense, stress is particularly a nervous system issue. The nervous system becomes overly excited, which makes the body irritable. Over time this irritation drains the body of the resources it needs to keep you healthy and positive. According to 4 Element Healing, Fire and Earth help to balance each other out. The nervous system is the Fire element of the body and the bones are the Earth element of the body. When there is too much nervous system stress (Fire) it is often very useful to “ground” ourselves into the Earth element of our lives.

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Removing Stress with life’s Air Principle

As we move “up” from Earth toward Fire, we now reach the Air Principle of health. 4 Element Healing tells us that this Air Principle has both a yin and a yang part to it. The yin aspect of this important element is our mental capacity to think. The yang aspect of Air is the muscular system of our body, which lets us move through space – through “Air”. As it turns out, much of the stress today comes from an imbalance between the yin and yang parts of the Air Principle.

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Healing with the power of the Water Principle

The 4 Element Healing Program helps you to use nutrition to combat stress. Blood – that watery river within our body – nourishes all our body’s cells, including our stressed out nerves. Nutrition has been an important part of Dr. Walsdorf’s life for over 30 years; he breathes and lives nutrition on an everyday basis. He loves to help patients discover what good nutrition can do for them. While there are those “Stress B” vitamin supplements that you can buy everywhere you go, there is so much more that you get when you have a doctor like Dr. Walsdorf helping you. He will, through nutrition, help you with stress – and health issues that go beyond stress.

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Healing with the power of life’s Fire Principle

We saw earlier that the Fire element of the body is our nervous system. Thinking too much stresses the nervous system. There are things we can do to quiet down the nervous system, which includes focusing upon breathing. What is interesting about our breathing is that while we generally do it unconsciously, we can consciously take control of the way we are breathing.

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He takes the time to listen long enough to hear what the problem is – then takes time to correct it. I always walk out feeling far better then when I walked in, also I walk much better.
Marie Taylor