Heal Your Stomach Related Issues

Dr. Walsdorf loves to help patients who come in with stomach problems. He has noticed over the years that more and more people are taking zantac, prilosec, and other proton pump inhibitors as well as tums and the like. This is a dangerous trend. What these drugs do is to interfere with your body’s ability to digest protein. Dr. Walsdorf will help you to strengthen your stomach in natural ways – so you do not need these drugs.

As you work with Dr. Walsdorf on your stomach you will notice that he has a unique, effective set of healing therapies. Called the “4 Element Natural Healing System”, there are four interlocking parts to his program to help his patients with stomach problems not to need tums, prilosec or other proton pump inhibitors that they use for their GERD, reflux, hiatal hernia, or their “acid stomach”.

With that said, it is important to note that Dr. Walsdorf is not treating your GERD, reflux or other “disease conditions” as such. He is working to strengthen the weaknesses he finds in your body, so that your body can regain its organ health – in this case the stomach.

Nutritional Wellness

There is a biochemistry to health. And indeed, it is within this biochemistry realm that drugs act. More importantly as far the everyday and long term health of each of us, one’s diet has its affect upon this biochemical aspect of our health.

The biochemistry of the stomach – meaning its physiological activities – depends upon the vitality of the nourishment we bring into the body. The 4 Element Healing System pays attention to this organ-building, blood-based nourishment. Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Walsdorf will analyze organ reflexes to determine how to help your stomach to get stronger.

He will analyze your diet and look at such things as acid:base balance. You will be taught how to perceive food in a way that makes it easier to eat healthy. You will learn ways to understand what you need to eat to help not only your stomach to heal, but for you to reach your body’s highest whole health potential.

Exercising Health into your Body

One of Dr. Walsdorf’s strengths is his ability to integrate Eastern and Western medicine. Acupuncture relates organ health to the “chi” within an organ. Dr. Walsdorf has written extensively on how this chi is affected by how we move on a daily basis. He uses acupressure – special hands-on therapies (no needles) to help the acupuncture channels that strengthen your stomach.

Additionally, he has developed a special exercise program expressly for his patients with organ-based health problems. These exercises strengthen the chi of your stomach. These exercises come out of the 4 Element Yoga that Dr. Walsdorf has developed over his 28 years of practice.

As you work within this important realm of health, Dr. Walsdorf will analyze your breathing patterns and teach you breathing techniques that will make your body stronger and able to dissipate your stress better. These breathing techniques will also help your posture, further strengthening your stomach.

You will learn that the way you use muscles affects how energy is pumped through your acupuncture circuits. This is yet another reason why your posture and even the way you walk and breathe have a great influence on your stomach.


within the tissues of an organ. Unfortunately for people with stomach issues, rarely do medical doctors think in terms of this structural fatigue and alignment issues when they think of organ pathology. However there is evidence that structural fatigue plays a role in the health of all organs.

There are a variety of structural levels within the stomach that are susceptible to structural fatigue. One level is the diaphragm muscle that separates the stomach from the chest. Another are the fascial, or connective tissue fibers that attach from the outside of the stomach to skeletal bones – so that the stomach itself is positioned correctly. Problems with either of these permit the stomach to migrate upward, creating a hiatal hernia.

Dr. Walsdorf’s gentle hands-on therapies strengthen the stomach’s fascia fibers. In this way, the stomach’s structural integrity is renewed from the outside – reaching inwardly, down even into cellular level. As the structural fatigue forces within the stomach are grounded out by Dr. Walsdorf’s therapies, the long-term structural strains within the stomach are reduced, permitting the stomach to begin repairing damaged portions of itself.

As part of your structural alignment, do not be surprised if Dr. Walsdorf gives you special walking exercises to help improve the alignment issues that may be impacting your stomach.

Nerve Energy Therapies

The stomach depends upon nerve energy to be directed, organized and put into synch with the rest of the organs. There are two parts to Dr Walsdorf’s Nerve Energy Therapies. One is his Chiropractic adjustments to the spine, and the other is his Cranial-Facial Technique.

Spinal adjustments to your middle back can be important because your stomach receives its nerve energy from that portion of your back. In other words, blockages to nerve energy from misaligned spinal segments between your shoulders, can hamper the flow of needed nerve energy to your stomach.

Cranial-Facial Technique is a gentle Nerve Energy therapy that helps eliminate higher-level, emotional tensions. These higher-level tensions block the energy flow from the brain downward into the body. As you work with Dr. Walsdorf you will learn how to direct your nerve energy, and the body’s innate intelligence, into blocked parts of your body, such as your stomach.

I was having stomach problems for years, and had been taking tums first, then prilosec for the pain I was getting after eating. I actually went to Dr. Walsdorf for other problems and he picked out a weak stomach before I even told him about that. He did some testing and found some nutritional supports which, along with the sheet he gave me for doing things to help my stomach, got me to be able to stop having to take all those drugs. Now I have a happy, good functioning stomach! It feels great.

Amy G.