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Skeletal Pain

I love to help people get their life back from pain, chronic headaches, or their reliance upon drugs for their congested sinuses, stomach issues, blood pressure problems – as I apply the principles of natural healing to them!

Neck & Shoulders

Pinched nerves in the neck can cause a variety of symptoms. These symptoms include pain in the arm and hands, and even carpal tunnel. They often cause pain between your shoulders. People come to us all the time with neck and shoulder pain.

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Arthritis and Pinched Nerves

Both arthritis and pinched nerves cause annoying pain, stiffness and difficulty with normal activities of daily living. Both can be chronic, or flair up with certain activities. Either way they tend to affect in dramatic ways the quality of one’s life. Luckily we can help both.

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Carpal Tunnel

We see a lot of people with carpal tunnel problems, bursitis and rotator cuff injuries—and we help them. Patients often do not realize that arm and shoulder pain are often signs of underlying problems that are completely treatable. Often, these aches and pains come from pinched or compromised nerve pathways.

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Low Back & Sciatica

Lower back pain and sciatica (posterior buttock and leg pains) are frequent reasons for people to come to see Dr. Walsdorf. Indeed, lower back injuries are a leading cause of missed work, lost productivity, and medical expense. The reason we can help a wide variety of people is because we have a program to address the different parts of patient’s problem.

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