Plan Your Visit

You should, when making your appointment, plan on about an hour in our office. Dr. Walsdorf finds that gowns make patients feel awkward and unnecessarily vulnerable; however it is best to wear loose clothing or shorts. If you have x-rays or blood work-ups that are relevant to your current health problems, you can bring them in.

Many patients will tell us that as soon as you open the door to our office you feel like you’ve entered a relaxing, stress-free zone – we’re not your average doctor’s office. You’ll probably get a warm smile from Alyssa or Arionna as they give you a history form to fill out. Before too long, you’ll be brought into the examination room where Dr. Walsdorf will pull up a stool and begin discussing what you wrote in your history – getting more details from you regarding your problem(s). This would obviously include the history of the problems, and things that make it better or worse.

For some people it’s their skeletal pain, for others it is a health problem such as their digestion or high blood pressure, for others it is their sinus and/or headache problems. Expect lengthy dialog with Dr. Walsdorf as he works to discern any relationships between this health issue and other parts of your life. Next, Dr. Walsdorf will start doing examinations to see what structural issues might be undercurrents to the problem(s) at hand. He may even look to the feet. Even if you came in for problems with your stomach, expect a full physical exam to show Dr. Walsdorf what skeletal imbalances might be weakening your body.

If it is a skeletal problem expect a battery of orthopedic tests to pinpoint what the problem is. If it is a headache, sinus, hearing or jaw problem that you are presenting with, Dr. Walsdorf will actually palpate and do some testing in the skull and face. If it is stomach or other organ-based problem, expect some special tests (Nutrition Response Testing) done on the body’s front side, where organ reflex points are tested.

Regardless of what you came in for, expect to be physically engaged and palpated by Dr. Walsdorf. It often surprises Dr. Walsdorf when patients tell him this was the most they were actually touched by a doctor – even their orthopedist! Chiropractors like Dr. Walsdorf believe that important things are learned by palpating and otherwise engaging the physical muscles and bones of the body.

If appropriate for your particular body problems, Dr. Walsdorf will take x-rays at this point. Generally, you will receive some of Dr. Walsdorf’s valuable physiotherapies on even this first visit. These include hot moist packs and infrasonic therapy – applied to your back, your sinuses or head, or perhaps even the liver-diaphragm region. If Dr. Walsdorf thinks he can help you, he will recommend scheduling your next visit within the next week – if you are in pain, it may be within the next few days. If you had x-rays taken, he will tell you will have a chance to review them with him. Either way, you can expect to begin your body-renewing treatments at that next visit! Give us a call today at 422-4325.