I started coming to Dr. Walsdorf in November (2011). I work with special needs preschoolers and I go to Syracuse University with the hopes of becoming a Behavior Therapist working with children with Autism. I have suffered from a lot of pain in my back, neck and have had chronic headaches for about 15 years. I have seen all kinds of doctors and have been diagnosed with allergies, chronic sinus infections, asthma, migraines and the latest; my pain is just a manifestation of anxiety. Throughout my medical journey I have been on all kinds of prescription meds some daily, some as needed.

When I needed to be pulled from school last semester, I had had enough! I Googled holistic doctors in Syracuse and Dr. W’s name came up. I called and was in for a consult the next day! Since my first visit I am virtually pain free! I have learned causes (and effects) of my daily activities from how and when I sleep to how and when I eat. The thing I like most about coming into the office is the environment. I know that I will always be treated with kindness and respect. I love the time that I get with Dr. Walsdorf, after my first visit he went over my X-rays in detail, so I actually saw the source of my pain, he took the time (and does during EVERY visit) to make sure he is aware of what’s going on and what should be focused on (a far cry from the Doctor who walked in and wrote me 3 scripts without examining me!).

Since November, I have been able to stop all medication (other than the holistic medicine suggested by the Doc), I have changed my eating (and coffee) habits drastically, I have returned to school and overall feel better, have more energy and little to no pain. I spread the word about Dr. W whenever I can. I think that he is passionate about his work and genuinely wants each and every one of his patients to thrive. If you want to change your life around, get healthy and live pain free, Chiropractic Care with Dr. Walsdorf is the way to go!
– Melissa Mendez

I first came in with back, neck, hip and groin pain. I was on strong pain medication. My orthopedic doctor wanted to a hip replacement surgeries. I am now off all pain meds and have only minor sporadic pan. My last M.D. would not believe me if I told him. My doctor called my progress nothing shy of miraculous!
– Michael Cody

Dr. Walsdorf’s personal focus on my lower back and neck adjustments are very effective in eliminating pain, numbness and headaches. His cranial work had also helped to reduce headaches and sinus issues. I’ve been treated by 4 other doctors, but Dr. Walsdorf is THE BEST!
– Velda Musgrove

I have been going to Dr. Walsdorf for over 25 years whenever I have a sprain or strain. He is always the most caring and helpful doctor and my injuries always heal up very quickly and completely. He spends enough time with me to find out exactly what is wrong and what could be the root causes. I would recommend him to anyone, and have on many occasions.
– Andrea Martin

I have been going to chiropractors for over 15 years, maybe 5 different chiropractors, and Dr. Howard Walsdorf is the best of all of them. He makes sure that the adjustments stay adjusted with physiotherapies. Most others “crack your back” and send you out and you need to come back the next day. He has a great insight on health and well-being.
– Jeramiah Zoeller

Dr. Walsdorf is very personable and very thorough. I had many issues when I started seeing Dr. Walsdorf. I was suffering from female problems. My cycles were all out of whack, extreme painful, I would take Advil or Motrin every 2 – 3 hours. Even though I knew it was not good for me, it was how I got through the days. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 2 years ago. I was suffering with daily headaches, back pain. muscle pain and depression. My primary care doctors told me I would need to learn my limitation and would give me prescriptions. Then when the depressions set in I was suggested to take another prescription. I started seeing Dr. Walsdorf in Dec. 2008, first at 3X a week, now I am now visiting Dr. Walsdorf once every 3 weeks. I no longer am taking any prescription drugs.

My OBGYN did perform a surgery in Jan. 2009 to try to help with my cycles. 6 months later they wanted to try another procedure because the first one didn’t last. I spoke with Dr. Walsdorf and after just 3 weeks of following his advice and using his recommendation of a supplement I felt much better and haven’t needed this other procedure to be done. I am feeling so much stronger and healthier than I did when I first started coming! So much good has happened in such a short time.
– Mary Jean Curtis

After my car accident 5 years ago, Dr. Walsdorf helped me get my lower-back back from terrible pain. Now that I’ve been in another car accident, I know I’m in the right place to get my injured back healed up. I always look forward to my office visits with Dr. Walsorf. He is one of the most caring and engaging of doctors I’ve ever had. He has so much knowledge about nutrition, body mechanics, posture, breathing, even meditation. I cant say enough good things about him. You can also count on Dr. Walsdorf to answer any questions you may have and to assist you in anyway possible. I would recommend Dr. Walsdorf to anyone who needs help with whatever injury or pain they may have, because he is so knowledgeable.
– Jerry Evans

He takes the time to listen long enough to hear what the problem is – then takes time to correct it. I always walk out feeling far better then when I walked in, also I walk much better.
– Marie Taylor

Dr. Walsdorf takes the time to get to the root causes of problems. It’s that attention and concern that makes all the difference.
– Kevin Hayes

An easy experience — comfortable setting. Not like a regular doctor’s visit — relaxing. Fixes the whole body, not just the ailment.
– Katrina McDonald

Dr. Walsdorf is much more than a chiropractor. He is an honest, patient, caring person committed to helping each individual with their health and well–being. I can honestly say that I do not know how I would have gotten to the healthy state that I am in today since my car accident (years ago) without Dr. Walsdorf and his caring staff. My family members feel the same way as well.
– Kristina Kassel

I have been coming for treatments for over a year. Each time I leave Dr. Walsdorf’s office I feel more relaxed. Over time I have had less back discomfort and the ache in my ankle and elbow has disappeared.
– Linda R.

Dr. W has a way of making you feel better in body and mind. When I first came here I knew he was the best and always got me on track. I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors, and I never feel as good as Dr. W makes me feel. I tell a lot of people, he’s the only chiropractor that has helped me. I have Lupus and his guidance and adjustments have helped me more than any Dr I have been to. I don’t take medicine only vitamins and Doc Howard’s adjustments. University Chiropractic is a real stress relief, and a very relaxing environment — good people and great care. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. I don’t know what I would do without Doctor Howard. He’s the best, spiritually, and has a good sense of well–being. I’m the only person with lupus and fibromyalgia that I know who doesn’t do badly — I do better than most when I stay on track. That’s by the guidance from Doctor Howard, and his adjustments.
– Ginger Parker

Dr. Walsdorf helped me when I had migraine headaches during menopause days. 20 years later he still ‘fixes’ me when neck stress or back pain brings me back. I am very grateful.
    – Grace F.

Dr. Walsdorf was able to pinpoint my problem when other doctors couldn’t. He explains what he is doing and what the procedure is for. Recommends at–home therapies. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous and fun. Makes me look forward to going to the doctor.
    – Jim Rayo

I was suffering with headaches weekly. The cranial work that Dr. Walsdorf did really changed my life. I get my headaches only occasionally now!
– Judy M.

Dr. Howard’s comprehensive approach to health care can benefit people of all ages and all levels of activity. Weekly visits have drastically decreased my daily discomfort. My work on the SU Crew Team has been helped by what he has done.
– Michael Dietrick

I came to Dr. W through a good friend many years ago. She spoke so highly of him and his office that I had to see for myself. I am now a believer. I look forward to each visit as I know he will get me back on track. Dr. W. has a kind, gentle, encouraging way about him. He will listen intently, then go to work healing mind and body. I can’t say enough nice things about the UpCenter. I look forward to every visit.
– Sue Meriwether

Relieved hip joint pain, neck pain, lower back discomfort and also successful cranial work to help with my allergies and sinuses. I no longer take allergy pills that I’ve been on for five years. My posture and overall body feels better than it has in a long time. Thanks Dr. Walsdorf.
– Ron Mc Donald

I’m a lot more aware of where and why I’m injured. I get treatment for my back and also food for thought on prevention of mental and physical problems.
– Anonymous