Migraines, Headaches & Sinuses

Most medical therapies for the head and sinuses focus only upon the result of a problem, such as infections within the sinuses, or inflammations within a nerve, muscle or vascular network of the head, face, or jaw. Dr. Walsdorf helps many people with problems in this region, who either have not resolved it with standard medical care, or who want a more natural and drugless approach. One of Dr. Walsdorf’s specialties is his work in helping the sinuses and skull. There are 3 effective, natural, and hands-on therapies that Dr. Walsdorf uses to help his patients with their headaches, chronic sinus issues, and jaw problems.

Cranial-Facial & Sinus Therapy

Cranial-Facial & Sinus Therapy is Dr. Walsdorf’s most important therapy used to help his patients with migraines, headaches, sinus, ear, and jaw issues. There are few doctors who know how to use this valuable type of hands-on treatment. Dr. Walsdorf is a leader in this field. Ultimately, what Cranial-Facial& Sinus Therapy does is to remove strains and fatigue processes within the skull, sinuses and face.

Forward Head Posture (FHP) Correction

The head is comparable to the weight of a bowling ball. The more forward the head is from normal, the more that muscles will spasm at the back of the neck, skull, and shoulders. This spasm is a compensatory response to prevent your heavy head from falling forward, as your head often does when you fall asleep while sitting. Hence, due to posture, ergonomic, and computer-related issues, many people end up with a forward head posture. Dr. Walsdorf will work to correct this forward head posture – which will often help your head and sinus issues.

Nutritional Therapy

We all know that drugs have negative side effects, and often only temporarily solve your pain. When working with Dr. Walsdorf, you have an excellent chance of no longer depending on medications for headaches or sinus problems. The nutritional supports he uses will work to strengthen those weak links within you that allow those headaches, migraines and sinuses to become problematic. There is often a positive side-effect of working on a problem through Dr. Walsdorf’s nutritional work – you feel better on a variety of levels because those nutritional supports help the whole body as well. Join the ranks of patients who have benefited from Dr. Walsdorf’s nutritional therapies. Dr. Walsdorf has been a Nutritional leader in Syracuse for over 25 years.

I had terrible sinus issues for years – since I was a kid. Now 30 years later, I’m finally free of having to get on antibiotics two or three times a year, or just having that constant sinus congestion. I can’t say enough about how Dr. W has helped me with my sinuses! No other doctor has helped me as much as Dr. W. has.

Mike G.