Menstrual Problems

There are many women who have “female complaints” – terrible periods, mood swings, a variety of peri-menopausal symptoms, or postmenopausal hot flashes and sleep problems. Some women just put up with it all as they pass through the different stages of their life. Other women have no problems. Some women end up taking OTC medications or seek stronger prescription drug relief for these problems.

Dr. Walsdorf works on women who have these assorted problems through ways that draw the natural healing forces of Nature into them. This is very different than the medical treatments that may involve synthetic hormones or other drugs that help with symptoms. He has what is called a natural, four part system to help strengthen the weak links in a woman so that their body can regain their normal menstrual cycle, or move through menopause in ways that women generally have until modern times. As with all his healing regimens, he is not treating a disease, but a person with a configuration of weaknesses, which are generating the symptoms, the “dis-ease” at hand.

This four part healing system involves the following:

Nutrition and Herbs

The female system has been helped by the healers of most cultures and eras for thousands of years. Many herbs and foods have been found by these natural healers, which helped women move through the various stages of their menstruation. Dr. Walsdorf uses herbs and special nutrient-rich food concentrates and supplements to help his female patients. They are safe and effective in helping the female body to get strong again so that the problems it might be having at this stage of its life go away.

There are a variety of biochemical activities that must be in balance within a woman’s body. When the nutrients are not there, problems arise. Further, different herbs have been shown to strengthen the various hormonal systems of the female cycle. Many of these herbs are both time-honored and well researched by the standards of today. Dr. Walsdorf has studied herbal traditions and keeps up with modern research.

In addition to using traditional herbal therapies, Dr. Walsdorf uses Nutrition Response Testing. Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Walsdorf will analyze your body’s organ reflexes to gauge weaknesses in your body that alert him to why you are having your menstrual/menopausal problems. He might find a stressed liver, strained adrenal glands, even a weak stomach can contribute to these problems.

Exercising Health into the Uterus and Ovaries

One of Dr. Walsdorf’s strengths is his ability to integrate Eastern and Western medicine. Acupuncture relates organ health to the “chi” within an organ. Dr. Walsdorf has written extensively on how this chi is affected by how we move on a daily basis. He has developed a special exercise program expressly for his menstrual/menopausal patients.

When you are a patient of Dr. Walsdorf and you have female cycle problems, Dr. Walsdorf will probably give you special exercises that strengthen the chi of certain acupuncture channels. These exercises come out of the 4 Element Yoga that Dr. Walsdorf has developed over his many years of practice.

As you work with Dr. Walsdorf you will notice that he may do acupressure upon certain points that are on an acupuncture channel that is weak. Acupuncture energy helps keep the body resilient against its constitutional weaknesses. You may be given a foot reflexology chart that you can use to help normalize the organs that may be strained in your particular condition.


When there is a lack of alignment – often due to postural issues – there is a greater amount of “structural strain and fatigue” that accumulates within the tissues your body, especially those in the pelvis. When you come to think of it, the pelvis is right near your center of gravity. There are techniques that Dr. Walsdorf employs that work to release the gravitational strain that may be accumulating there.

Rarely do medical doctors think in terms of this structural fatigue, posture and alignment issues when they think of organ pathology. However there is evidence that these things play a role in the health of all organs.

As part of your structural alignment, do not be surprised if Dr. Walsdorf gives you special walking exercises to help improve the alignment issues that may be impacting your female organ system.

Nerve Energy Therapies

All tissues and organs depend upon nerve energy to be directed, organized and put in synch with the rest of the body’s parts. There are two parts to Dr. Walsdorf’s Nerve Energy Therapies. One is his Chiropractic adjustments to the spine, and the other is his Cranial-Facial Technique.

The important thing to know is that your uterus and ovaries receive their nerve energy from important spinal centers in the lower back. Spinal adjustments can help improve the flow of that nerve energy. Cranial-Facial Technique is a gentle technique to help eliminate higher-level tensions that can also interrupt that nerve flow. These higher-level tensions block the energy flow from the brain downward into the body.

Also significant is the potential positive affect of cranial work upon the hormone system. This occurs because of the way the pituitary gland is positioned on the sphenoid bone in the middle of your cranial bones. The pituitary gland is the master hormone gland of the body. It affects the female hormone cycle. Breakdowns in the normal cranial respiratory rhythm can hamper the ability of the pituitary gland to operate as effectively as it should.

In summary, Dr. Walsdorf has a variety of tools in his “natural healing tool chest”. He uses whichever ones seem to be needed to help each woman to regain her fullest health and function. His 4 Element Healing system is an effective way to move from a reliance upon drugs to a state where your own body is able to move through your menstrual cycle, or through menopause successfully.

And lastly, for post-menopausal women who are seeking to keep their bones strong as they age, Dr. Walsdorf has effective ways to ensure that your bones will do exactly that. It has been shown that fosamax and other drugs given for the purposes of keeping bone dense creates great problems when they are used for even a few years. The bones may look dense on x-rays but they become stiff – loosing their ability to be flexible – and shatter more when they do break. The bone that is there is actually weaker.

I was having irregular and painful periods. I’d feel tense, anxious and depressed all different times. I trudged through it month after month, taking things like midol a lot. I was even given a prescription for an antidepressant to help me as well. Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Walsdorf found some nutritional supports to help me move through all these problems. I am so much better now, it’s remarkable.

Susie M.