“I use physiotherapies that work to bring the power of Nature into my patients – light, vibrating sound waves, hot moist packs, electricity – so they may gain the fullest, quickest healing.” – Dr. W


A relative of ultrasound, infrasound is a therapy used to vitalize strained tissues. We use it in treating musculoskeletal conditions—the lower back, shoulder bursitis and neck stiffness for example. At the same time, it is useful for organ related issues. It is sometimes referred to as “the chi machine”. Chi, as in Tai Chi, Qi Gong. Chi is thought of in the Orient as the vibrational energy of life.

Dr. Walsdorf explains chi as the “elbow—room” needed by all cells, organs, joints, and even nerves. When there is not enough elbow—room on the cellular, organ, joint, or nerve tissue level, that anatomic unit of the body feels and acts less empowered. It becomes soft, weak, on edge. Over time those tissues or organs that are composed of weakly vibrating cells—fall apart, get injured, arthritic, or become “diseased”.

Studies have shown that the gentle infrasonic vibratory energy of our infrasonic machines helps injured and other weak cells to let go of cellular vibratory patterns that come from trauma, and regain more normal cellular function. Our infrasonic therapy also calms the nervous system down. Many patients use its 20 minute therapeutic time as a time to let their brain and whole nervous system renew—infrasound has been shown to increase the generation of alpha—waves by the brain. This induces a dreamy, relaxing nervous system state with a subsequent feeling of rest and renewal.


We use a special electro—acupuncture therapy along acupuncture meridians of our patients. It has been called needle—less acupuncture. Acupuncture circuits of the body have been theorized to be pathways of very small electrical current. The body clearly uses electricity for many purposes. Doctors are only beginning to understand it. Putting the stimulation near injured tissues has been shown to induce quicker and stronger healing.

Electro—acupuncture has been shown to work in part by increasing the cellular production of ATP—the energy currency of each cell. At the same time, it is also thought that each cell type—bone, organ, ligament, etc, is spurred into its specific function for the body by this small micro—amperage electrical current normally active in the body. Electro—acupuncture does not overwhelm the electrical systems of the body like a TENS unit does. Instead, it works with the body’s own electrical systems to rev up the weak circuits within a patient.

Hot moist packs

There is something therapeutic in our hot moist packs that patients aren’t able to get with the use of home heating units. Their 20 minute therapy (often in conjunction with our infrasound or electro—acupuncture) permits heat to penetrate deeper. Injured tissues, tight muscles, arthritic joints feel nurtured and supported by the way the thick, hot packs approximate, or nestle against what lies below them.

Far—Infrared sauna

Natural Health recognizes and uses a wide variety of “natural principles”. We saw how vibrations in air—infrasound—helps to give cells the elbow—room they need to stay empowered; and to remove old trauma—induced patterns of cellular vibration. We saw the power of small currents of electricity—which work with the currents the body itself produces—to induce health in electro—acupuncture. Sauna works with a special part of the light spectrum—the far—infrared wavelengths of light.

Unlike most saunas, our special sauna uses a coherent, well–organized, specific part of the infrared frequencies of light to induce healing powers. It penetrates deep into the body so as to stir up intracellular movement, which activates life in the cell. Studies have shown that it induces detoxification processes by the liver, fat cells, and the kidneys. At the same time it stimulates the movement of blood through the body. This kind of sauna does not require you to sweat to gain therapeutic benefit. 10 minute periods of it penetrate deep into tissues—including spinal joints. This often allows more effective spinal releases with one’s chiropractic adjustments.

Light therapy

Light therapy is the application of high—lumen lights to weak, “dis—eased”, or what Dr. Walsdorf will often say, “dis—organized tissues”. Light energy, is an expression of what is sometimes called, “the Fire Principle” of Nature. This Fire Principle acts as the organizing principle in life within each cell. Within our body, it acts with the flow of nervous system impulses that pump organizational information into and out from the brain.

Light therapy works to stimulate deep levels of organization in the body. It wakes up areas that have been made timid and disorganized. Like other Natural Health therapies, it works on deep levels that are still somewhat mysteriously. It appears to work by sparking a weak, somewhat disorganized part of the body to rediscover its proper functionality.