Nutritional Therapies

“I’ve spent literally thousands of hours learning about nutrition and herbal therapies because I believe in the power of Nature – and continue to see its capacity to heal my patients of their deeper health issues”
– Dr. W

Osteoporosis Therapy for Women

Dr. Walsdorf is especially concerned with the epidemic of osteoporosis. He will work with you to fine-tune a program that offers you the best way to keep your bones strong as you age — without fosamax or other such drugs. There has been evidence that these drugs strengthen bone density at the expense of bone flexibility. In other words, there are two parts to bone: the calcium hardness and the connective tissue flexibility. Fosamax’s increased density comes at the expense of collagen and other flexibility—giving proteins, making bones more brittle over time.

Organ Health Therapy

Oftentimes patients come in with some diagnostic term given to them by another doctor, with a prescription that they are taking—often reluctantly, or avoiding altogether. Organ Health Therapy incorporates Nutrition Response Testing to find where the body needs help. We might find that the stomach is weak — meaning it is not digesting protein well; or that the adrenals are fatigued by too much stress; or that the immune system is running low. We might find a food allergy or a sensitivity to some chemical in your environment.

Nutrition Response Testing has helped thousands of people by allowing the doctor to figure out how to strengthen one’s tired, weak or otherwise stressed organs. It is an important part of Dr. Walsdorf’s Organ Health Therapy.

Standard Process glandulars and other formulations

Standard Process has been working for over 80 years to help people rediscover their vibrant health — without the use of drugs. They’ve been around longer than almost every other “vitamin company”. Still, their products are anything but a formulation of vitamins. They use special low temperature processes to draw out from foods their most vibrant, active biochemistries. Some are squeezed out from such things as buckwheat juice or kale, other times they are liver extracts, or adrenal tissue, or bovine ovarian extracts. They work wonders as they feed the body the biochemical raw materials needed to get organ physiologies back in working order.

Though we use other nutritional suppliers, we find that Standard Process (which can only be prescribed by health care professionals), often supply the missing materials needed by patients in today’s world of “counterfeit” and soil depleted foods. If you want a DVD that discusses the unique qualities of Standard Process, feel free to call us at 422—HEAL (4325) and ask for one.

Live Food Powders

While Standard Process products do well for improving the health and vitality on the cellular level of organs and other body tissues, we find that patients benefit from using our special “green foods”, or “live food” powders. Dr. Walsdorf scours the world for the best nutritional products for his patients, and often finds that many patients benefit from getting a regular supply of natural food concentrates by way of specially processed, good tasting green drinks.

Vitamins, Herbs and Plant extracts

Some health issues benefit from a select grouping of vitamin, herb and plant extracts to boost cellular vitality. Dr. Walsdorf has been using herbs for over 25 years and uses special formulations based upon scientific studies that give compelling reasons to use them for helping renew organ and other tissue physiologies. Whether it be for helping you deal with osteoporosis, or weight loss; menstrual irregularity, hypertension, or immune system weaknesses; there are important studies that show the value of specific nutrients, and/or herbs for the particular cellular renewal you will need to reclaim your health.

Nutritional Counseling

Many patients need a doctor who will take the time to help a patient to understand important “whole food principles”. If weight loss is a goal of yours, his “natural health weight loss program” will help you to understand how to wean your way from your present dietary habits. If finding a way to generally improve your diet so you may have more energy and possibly not need medications for your diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and other health issues, count on him to help you out!

Dr. Walsdorf has incorporated whole food principles into his own life for over 30 years. He very much enjoys helping others to understand how to get Nature’s health-bearing, vitality-inducing principles through one’s foods. He gives courses on changing one’s eating habits and incorporates nutritional counseling into his very valuable Nutrition—Organ Vitality programs.