Leading Edge Exercises

“Because Life is Movement, and Movement is Life – I have the passion to take the time to teach my patients on how to use exercise for bringing its healing power most effectively into the injured or otherwise weak parts of their body”. – Dr. W

4 Element Yoga Exercise

Over the course of his 25 years in practice, Doctor Walsdorf has found a variety of exercise protocols for both relieving patients’ pain and for renewing his patient’s organ health. One important exercise group, called “Movement Into Life Exercises”, is built upon a set of four easy to understand principles.

These principles are shown to operate on every level of your body—such as your cell, musculoskeletal, or organ tissue levels. When you work with Dr. Walsdorf, you will learn the exercises that are important for your health issues. As Dr. Walsdorf is fond to saying, “Life is movement; Movement is life”. His exercises pump movement into the needed areas of your body so as to get more of the power of life there.

Posture, Breathing, & Walking Therapies

When you become a patient of Dr. Walsdorf’s, you will find a doctor unlike most others insofar as the interest he will take in how you posture yourself, move and even breathe. You will hear Dr. Walsdorf say that “structure rules”, which means that whether it be your spinal discs, the function of the heart, the stomach, the liver, or the sinuses—resiliency is given or diminished by way of your posture.

What is interesting about breathing is that it relates to what is happening within us. Even though we do it unconsciously, it reflects our general state of consciousness. Breathing is the bridge between our conscious and unconscious self. We can change our consciousness by focusing on this typically unconsciously done activity. As we slow it down, we often will find our self feeling less stress, able to slip into a more at—ease state of mind. Breathing therapies are part of Dr. Walsdorf’s Oriental therapies program.

Dr. Walsdorf is a passionate walker. He believes walking is the perfect activity for humans. In many ways, walking is what defines our human nature. Furthermore, there is nothing as rhythmic, balanced, and synchronous (all four limbs are working in harmony) as is walking. He can test out of his patients, so as to find which parts of the walk they need to focus upon and strengthen. As you learn his walking therapy, walking will never be the same for you!

As you might sense, there are a lot of health–rebuilding tools that Dr. Walsdorf has in his “natural health tool chest”. When you work with him, he will pick from those therapeutic tools to find those that he has seen work with patients with problems similar to yours. Still every patient is unique and different, which makes the work Dr. Walsdorf does more interesting and rewarding.