Hands-On Therapies

“Over my 30 years in practice, I have come to respect how important it is for the human body to get hands-on therapies to help it regain its natural balance, and its highest level of health”. – Dr. W

Cranial—facial & Sinus Therapy

Most patients come in without any sense that the skull bones have a part to play in the well-being of the body (other than protecting the brain). Osteopaths began to unravel the mystery of the cranium almost a hundred years ago; chiropractors have helped over the last fifty or so.

Dr. Walsdorf loves to use his Cranial-facial & Sinus techniques on patients with headaches, sinus problems, jaw issues, head trauma and even on patients with lots of mental strain and stress. There are actually two anatomically distinct skull centers. One is the cranium, the other is the facial bones — which include the sinuses. Sinus congestion can be greatly helped by Dr. Walsdorf’s cranial work.

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

Spinal adjustments are one of the greatest hands-on treatments ever discovered. Nerves, muscles and bones come together in a powerful way in the spine. The way spinal adjustments can release structural distortions, muscular strain, and pinched nerves can do much not only for neck and lower back pain but also for headaches, ergonomic related conditions like carpal tunnel pain, and sports injures involving bursitis, the rotator cuff, as well as leg and foot problems.

Nerves from the spine go to every organ of the body; it is always a good idea to make sure that there is no nerve impingement from one or more vertebrae pinching those nerves, which innervate organ tissues.

Curvature Rehabilitation

Many patients with chronic neck/arm, or low back/leg problems are found to have a loss of the proper curvature in the involved part of their spine. Spinal adjustments by themselves will often not be enough to help remodel, or bring back, that curvature. Dr. Walsdorf has special techniques to help renew those lost curves, which are so important for the vitality of your body.

Sports—Biomechanics Improvement Therapy

Patients who are athletes gain much with their work with Dr. Walsdorf. He especially likes working with those who push themselves to be the best they can be at a sport. Dr. Walsdorf will help them to improve their sports ability, coordination and biomechanical acumen. Sports–Biomechanical Improvement Therapy works to help patients maintain alignment and improve their body biomechanics not only during sports activities but also throughout their whole lives. Some patients are found to need a heel lift to shore up a short leg.

Kinetic Chain Therapy

Kinetic Chain Therapy is related to the Sports–Biomechanics Improvement Therapy. Dr. Walsdorf’s Kinetic Chain Therapy comes out of his 30 years of work with such techniques as Yoga, Feldenkrais somatic work, Alexander Technique, and Bioenergetics. The goal of Kinetic Chain Therapy is to improve the functioning of the largest functional group of nerves — the proprioceptive (or body awareness) nerves. There are literally thousands of these nerves per cubic inch!

These nerves tell the body where its bones are, how much tension is on each of its ligaments and how much each muscle fiber is stretched or contracting. Oftentimes, when there is a chronic problem or weak spot in your musculoskeletal system, the body will benefit from these proprioceptive nerves being stimulated with our techniques. Proper stimulation of them “lights up the brain,” permitting it to reevaluate the holding and movement patterns for that problematic or weak part of the body.


While the acupuncture coursework Dr. Walsdorf took in chiropractic school would allow him to use acupuncture in most other states, New York does not permit him to. Therefore, he uses “acupressure” and other “Oriental Therapies” to help his patients gain access to the healing power of the acupuncture meridians within the body. Chiropractic has always influenced acupuncture meridian energy — important energy channels run through the spinal area. Special pressure techniques stimulate these acupuncture channels.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is a type of fibrous connective tissue that provides structure and support to other, better known tissues within the body, including bones, muscles, organs and arteries. The fascia around our muscles is called “myofascia.” Fascia consists of a network of interwoven strands, called fibroblasts, suspended in a jelly–like medium. When fascia is healthy, this structure allows it to stretch and contract so as to facilitate smooth, pain–free motion. However, chronic stress, injuries, inactivity, infections and strain can cause this tissue to loose its elasticity. This can cause painful inflammation, poor circulation and reduced range of motion.

Dr. Walsdorf uses specialized treatments to help patients who suffer from the pain and stiffness associated with blockages in their myofascia. He is able to locate these blockages and utilizes hands-on techniques that apply pressure and traction to release them.