Heal Your Immune System

Dr. Walsdorf helps patients who come in with immune system problems. There is, unfortunately, a certain segment of people who have a tendency to get sick a lot, are always fighting some “bug”. While antibiotics may be necessary from time to time, relying on them, or taking them too often is clearly not a good idea – especially when there are natural answers for these problems.

Dr. Walsdorf has devised a four part healing system for people with immune system problems. The four interlocking parts are:

Nutrition and Herbs

Immune weaknesses have been something that the healers of most cultures and eras often had to deal with. Before drugs there were herbs and foods that the ancients knew were particularly valuable for the immune system. What permitted medical doctors to weaken and undermine this ancient healing tradition was penicillin. While of course, antibiotics can be extremely useful, they hamper the body’s own self-healing mechanisms, and too, they often decimate the good flora of your body.

The point to be made is that there are many natural things that help our immune system. Dr. Walsdorf is well versed in many of these. For over 30 years he has been helping patients with immune system weaknesses through his ability to give the right nutritional supports to each person.

In addition to using traditional herbal therapies, Dr. Walsdorf uses Nutrition Response Testing. Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Walsdorf will analyze your body’s organ reflexes to gauge weaknesses in your body that alert him to why you are having your immune system problems. He might find a weak thymus gland, or a spleen that is strained, lymph channels that are blocked. He might find a sensitivity to some food, a chemical in your environment, or a heavy metal that might be weakening your immune system.

Besides herbs he uses glandular extracts and other natural food components to strengthen the lower functioning parts of your body. He keeps up with the latest in nutritional research so that his patients get the best help for their immune system and other health problems.

Posture and Alignment

If you have chronic immune weaknesses, some of it might be from a lack of alignment – often due to postural issues. This causes a greater amount of “structural strain and fatigue” that accumulates within the tissues your body, often the lymph glands of your throat and chest.

Rarely do medical doctors think in terms of this structural fatigue, posture and alignment issues when they think of organ pathology. However there is evidence that these things play a role in the health of all organs.

As part of your structural alignment, do not be surprised if Dr. Walsdorf gives you special walking exercises to help improve the alignment issues that may be impacting your immune system.

The “Chi” of Muscular Vitality

One of Dr. Walsdorf’s strengths is his ability to integrate Eastern and Western medicine. Acupuncture relates organ health to the “chi” within an organ. Dr. Walsdorf has written extensively on how this chi is affected by our habit patterns of muscle use as we move on a daily basis. He has developed a special exercise program expressly for his organ health patients.

When you are a patient of Dr. Walsdorf and you have immune system problems, Dr. Walsdorf will probably give you special exercises that strengthen the chi of your thymus gland, deep to your breastbone. These exercises come out of the 4 Element Yoga that Dr. Walsdorf has devised over his many years of practice.

As you work within this important realm of health, Dr. Walsdorf will analyze your breathing patterns and teach you breathing techniques that will make your body stronger and dissipate stress and help your lymph glands to drain properly. These techniques will strengthen your body’s chi, making you less susceptible to getting sick.

Nerve Energy Therapies

All tissues and organs depend upon nerve energy to be directed, organized and put into synch with the rest of the body’s parts. There are two parts to Dr. Walsdorf’s Nerve Energy Therapies. One is his Chiropractic adjustments to the spine, and the other is his Cranial-facial & Sinus Technique.

The important thing to know is that your thymus, spleen, and other immune system tissues receive their nerve energy from important spinal centers. Spinal adjustments can help improve the flow of that nerve energy. Cranial-facial & Sinus Technique is a gentle technique to help eliminate higher level tensions that can also interrupt that nerve flow.

These higher-level tensions block the energy flow from the brain downward into the body. You will learn how to direct your nerve energy into blocked parts of your body. As you do, you will find that you can use your mental energy to direct the power of your Innate Intelligence, especially into your thymus gland, which as Dr. Walsdorf often tells his patients, “is the mother of your immune system”.

I came to Dr. Walsdorf with a history of getting sick a lot, like every few months I would get anything from swollen glands to abdominal bloating to canker sores to body weakness. Dr. Walsdorf figured out different foods that were weakening me, and found important nutritional supports to help strengthen my immune system. I am so much better! My life has changed in such a good way because of Dr. Walsdorf.

Sarah M.