Deeper Health Issues

More and more people want to reclaim their health, regain their energy, and reduce their reliance on drugs for their congested sinuses, stomach issues, blood pressure problems, high cholesterol and all those other health issues that can can befall us. For 30 years, Dr. Walsdorf has applied natural healing therapies to patients with a wide variety of health concerns.

Migraines, Headaches & Sinuses

One of Dr. Walsdorf’s specialties is his work in helping the sinuses and skull. There are 3 effective, natural, and hands-on therapies that Dr. Walsdorf uses to help his patients who come with headaches, chronic sinus issues, and jaw problems.

Immune System

Dr. Walsdorf helps patients who come in with immune system problems. Dr. Walsdorf can use his four part natural healing system for people with immune system problems.


A significant problem for many people is the amount of stress they feel each day. Dr. Walsdorf’s 4 Element Healing Program is possibly the finest way to deal with stress because it tackles it from a variety of angles.

Stomach Issues

Dr. Walsdorf loves to help patients who come in with stomach problems. He has noticed over the years that more and more people are taking zantac, prilosec, and other proton pump inhibitors as well as tums and the like. This is a dangerous trend. What these drugs do is to interfere with your body’s ability to digest protein. Dr. Walsdorf will help you to strengthen your stomach in natural ways – so you do not need these drugs.

Heart Issues

Dr. Walsdorf loves to help patients who come in with heart-related issues. The heart is such an important organ, and can often get stronger when a patient is treated using his four part natural healing system.

Weight Loss

Many people come to Dr. Walsdorf looking to lose weight. Some just want to shed 10 pounds, others want to lose 60 or more pounds. Regardless, these patients often want to work with a doctor who will guide them to do things differently than they currently are.

Menstrual Issues

There are many women who have “female complaints” – terrible periods, mood swings, a variety of peri-menopausal symptoms, or postmenopausal hot flashes and sleep problems that are looking for natural answers.

Fatigue and Thyroid Problems

Dr. Walsdorf loves helping patients who come in after seeing other doctors for tiredness and fatigue. Sometimes they have been told they have chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia and are given a prescription for antidepressants or lyric; some are told they have thyroid problems, and want to avoid taking drugs like synthroid for the rest of their life.