Healing Your Carpal Tunnel

If you have the wrist, hand or arm pains of carpal tunnel, you may think that you need surgery or a cortisone shot. This is what many patients were told by their other doctors before seeing us. After coming to see Dr. Walsdorf, many of our patients note that he examines them more fully than their other doctors. He palpates the whole of their neck, clavicle and arm regions. This helps him uncover the reason for your carpal tunnel pains.

We see a lot of people with carpal tunnel problems, bursitis and rotator cuff injuries – and there is much we do to help them.

Here are 3 therapies Dr. Walsdorf uses to treat Carpal Tunnel with his patients:

Skeletal Adjustments

While orthopedists rely on drug control of pain and surgeries, Dr. Walsdorf will take the time to work on your extremity alignment issues to resolve those shoulder, arm, wrist or hand pains you might have. Patients often do not realize that these pains are often signs of underlying problems that are completely treatable in hands-on, natural ways.

Often, the aches and pains of your carpal tunnel and shoulder muscles are caused by misalignments of the arm, hand or one’s collarbones. These misalignments put strains upon the area’s ligaments, tendons, bursas and nerves, causing them to fail, creating your carpal tunnel or other arm, shoulder, or hand problems.

Additionally, a misalignment within the neck causes a disruption in the nerve energy flow into the arm. There are two classes of nerves that can become pinched, [glossy term=”Carpal Tunnel: Spinal nerves”] and [glossy term=”Carpal Tunnel: Proprioceptive nerves”]. Pinches in each of these nerves cause problems in their own way. Fortunately this pinching can be reversed by skeletal adjustments.
Skeletal adjustments in these areas release structural strain and further, improves nerve energy flow into the arm and hand. Once the pinch is released, these nerves can better organize the bones, ligaments, and muscles that have been injured. Dr. Walsdorf has a variety of other Hands-on Therapies to treat these problems as well.

Postural Therapies

Your posture is a reflection of your habit patters regarding the way you move your body on a day-by-day basis. The way you sit, stand, and especially walk affects the muscular balance that builds your postural well-being. Even the way you drive and sleep influences your posture. Your head, neck and chest postures have the most affect upon the shoulders, arms and hands, affecting your carpal tunnel issues.

Dr. Walsdorf employs special orthopedic and muscle tests to evaluate your “biomechanics” – the mechanics of how your body moves. His tests can find out what muscles are not being used enough, or which muscles are being over-used in your arms and shoulders. He may prescribe special exercises that can tune up muscles, or tune them down, so that they are able to work more in balance with other muscles. He will often give you special exercises to help you strengthen your muscles and improve the posture of the joints relevant to your carpal tunnel, sports injury or other joint problem.

Nutritional Therapy

You may be surprised to find that your nutritional state can be involved in the precipitation of your carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, bursitis, rotator cuff or other extremity problems.

In the Nutrition-based Organ Health portion of Dr. Walsdorf’s practice, there are three main aspects of you that will be evaluated before he suggests a nutritional or herbal therapy to help your carpal tunnel to heal strong. The Nutritional Response Testing that Dr. Walsdorf uses helps him to see your general nutritional state, body toxicity, and issues relating to your different organs’ health.

Dr. Walsdorf was able to pinpoint my problem when other doctors couldn’t. He explains what he is doing and what the procedure is for. Recommends at-home therapies. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous and fun. Makes me look forward to going to the doctor.

Jim Rayo