Heal Your Arthritis and Pinched Nerves

Arthritis is often a chronic, annoying pain and stiffness that gets in the way of the normal activities of daily living. Osteoarthritis, being the most common arthritis, generally comes from the chronic misalignment of bones. This misalignment slowly degrades the joint tissues and irritates nerves. As you work with Dr. Walsdorf you may wonder how he is able to focus his non-drug, natural healing skills into your arthritic hips, knees, low back, shoulder or neck – when few of your other doctors offer you much choice besides anti-inflammatory drugs. There are 4 main ways Dr. Walsdorf helps his arthritic patients.

Skeletal Alignment

It makes sense that misalignment of bones can wear down bones over time. Doctor Walsdorf has ways to find the biomechanical strains in the body that are responsible for the skeletal misalignments that cause the wear and tear occurring at your arthritic joints. This wear and tear begins as “structural fatigue” settling into ligaments and various joint tissues.

The structural fatigue in a joint can be released when the bones of that joint are put into a better alignment. One tool Dr. Walsdorf uses is [glossy term=”Arthritis: Applied Kinesiology”]. Applied Kinesiology is a kind of 
testing that alerts the doctor to what biomechanical strains are fatiguing the arthritic joints. Dr. Walsdorf is then able to correct those biomechanical strains that are misaligning your arthritic joints and degrading them. If your arthritis is extensive, Dr. Walsdorf may recommend a special “Structural Work-up” to discover the various hidden structural and biomechanical issues that may be underlying all your arthritic problems.

Dr. Walsdorf’s skeletal adjustments not only help to release structural fatigue and joint strains, but also help with improving your [glossy term=”Arthritis: Proprioceptive nerves”] located in your muscles and other joint fibers. His skeletal adjustments will allow these small proprioceptive nerves and your larger spinal nerves to better organize the muscles and bones of your arthritic joints as they get used throughout your day.

Nutritional Therapies

As you might know, there are a variety of nutritional supports that can help arthritis. Dr. Walsdorf has nutritional supports geared to help his patients who have arthritis. Unlike Tylenol, Advil Motrin, and others, these nutritional supports rarely have any negative side-effects.

Besides nutritional supports geared to help your body’s joints, there may be certain underlying biochemical issues that are affecting your arthritis, which Dr. Walsdorf will address. These include acid-base imbalances or digestive issues that must be rectified. There are ways for Dr. Walsdorf to test which nutritional supports will work best for your arthritis, since different supports will help different patients who are suffering with arthritis.

In other words, there is rarely a one size fits all kind of nutritional answer for problems like arthritis. The nutritional support that Dr. Walsdorf gives you will work on the particular underlying biochemical weakness that is unfortunately allowing your arthritis to occur.

Most store bought glucosamine supplements lack important joint building nutrients that Dr. Walsdorf will often recommend for you. As you work with Dr. Walsdorf, you will note his dedication to finding the right nutrition to help you. He has been helping patients with arthritis for over 25 years.

Postural Therapies

As a patient you will sometimes hear Dr. Walsdorf say, “there’s a reason for everything under the sun.” This means that there is even a reason for your arthritis – and any future arthritis you may yet get. Some of those reasons may be skeletal misalignment and lack of nutrition to maintain your joints. However, a big cause of arthritis is the ongoing effect of one’s poor posture.

Your posture plays a great role in either helping your skeletal joints, or harming them. Therefore, both your current arthritic issues and your resiliency to combat future arthritis are affected by your posture. Unfortunately, arthritic joints can also cause postural problems that should be dealt with, so they don’t generate more arthritis.

That’s why Dr. Walsdorf will help you to improve your posture. It’s never too late. He has created the Walking Tall Technique, which helps his patients improve their posture as they walk. There are also special exercises Dr. Walsdorf gives his patients to stop the progression of arthritis (and help existing arthritic joints to heal). These exercises permit your body to more easily remove structural strain, and the fatigue forces that are trapped inside your arthritic joints.


Arthritic pains and stiffness often respond positively to our physiotherapies, which include our hot moist packs, our infrasonic, and our electro-acupuncture. These therapies are applied where your arthritis is present.

Our physiotherapies help reduce local inflammation, and help the local tissues to heal. In common with Dr. Walsdorf’s Hands-on Therapies, they nurture the body’s own self-repair processes. These physiotherapies take away arthritic pains and help promote the healing of joints. Our assortment of physiotherapies can really make a difference in jump-starting a renewal of your arthritic joints.

He takes the time to listen long enough to hear what the problem is – then takes time to correct it. I always walk out feeling far better then when I walked in, also I walk much better.

Marie Taylor