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Heal your arthritis and pinched nerves

Arthritis is often a chronic, annoying pain and stiffness that gets in the way of the normal activities of daily living. Osteoarthritis, being the most common arthritis, generally comes from the chronic misalignment of bones. This misalignment slowly degrades the joint tissues and irritates nerves. As you work with Dr. Walsdorf you may wonder how he is able to focus his non-drug, natural healing skills into your arthritic hips, knees, low back, shoulder or neck – when few of your other doctors offer you much choice besides anti-inflammatory drugs. There are 4 main ways Dr. Walsdorf helps his arthritic patients.

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Skeletal Alignment

It makes sense that misalignment of bones can wear down bones over time. Doctor Walsdorf has ways to find the biomechanical strains in the body that are responsible for the skeletal misalignments that cause the wear and tear occurring at your arthritic joints. This wear and tear begins as “structural fatigue” settling into ligaments and various joint tissues.

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Nutritional Therapies

As you might know, there are a variety of nutritional supports that can help arthritis. Dr. Walsdorf has nutritional supports geared to help his patients who have arthritis. Unlike Tylenol, Advil Motrin, and others, these nutritional supports rarely have any negative side-effects.

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Postural Therapies

As a patient you will sometimes hear Dr. Walsdorf say, “there’s a reason for everything under the sun.” This means that there is even a reason for your arthritis – and any future arthritis you may yet get. Some of those reasons may be skeletal misalignment and lack of nutrition to maintain your joints. However, a big cause of arthritis is the ongoing effect of one’s poor posture.

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Arthritic pains and stiffness often respond positively to our physiotherapies, which include our hot moist packs, our infrasonic, and our electro-acupuncture. These therapies are applied where your arthritis is present.

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He takes the time to listen long enough to hear what the problem is – then takes time to correct it. I always walk out feeling far better then when I walked in, also I walk much better.
Marie Taylor

Applied Kinesiology (AK) helps a doctor to understand the underlying causes for the wear and tear of an arthritic joint. A doctor using AK does special muscle tests that permit the patient’s body to direct the doctor to where there is a breakdown in tissue wellness. That tissue wellness may be weakened by nutritional problems, structural issues, acupuncture energy circuit imbalances, or nerve flow blockages.

Using Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Walsdorf is able to trace where different biomechanical strains on a joint are coming from. In addition, it can help Dr. Walsdorf to discover where nerves are being pinched and nerve energy flow is being prevented from flowing to the muscles and ligaments around an arthritic joint.

Arthritis comes when structural balance has been out of kilter for a while. As your body’s biomechanical forces are unduly compressed into certain bony joints, those bones are pushed into each other becoming abraded. Applied Kinesiology helps the doctor to pick up ways those biomechanical forces are straining your vulnerable joints.

Your “proprioceptive nerves” make up an important class of nerves. There are generally a thousand of these small nerves per cubic inch of your body. These nerves surround each muscle and ligament, and dive into the joints of the body to tell the central nervous system the local conditions of that area. These conditions include the amount of tension on a given ligament, how tight a muscle is being pulled, and how close the bones of a joint are. When these nerves are working better, problems like arthritis do not occur as readily.

If these proprioceptive nerves are not working well, you may end up with a pulled muscle, a tendon tear, bursitis, torn cartilage, hip pain, or sore feet. Over time, you may very well end up with arthritis. Dr. Walsdorf performs special kinesiological tests to alert him the breakdowns in these proprioceptive nerves.