4 Element Yoga

4 Element Yoga Classes – taught by Dr. Howard Walsdorf

4 Element Yoga is a leading-edge way to bring the powers of Nature into our body – especially those weaker parts of it. Weaker meaning those parts in pain or with some chronic health problem stuck in it.

Dr. Walsdorf will teach you about the 4 healing forces of Nature – what the ancients called Fire, Air, Water and Earth – and how you can translate the positive force of each into your body’s own sick, painful, otherwise weak places.

The body is divided into 7 regions. Each of these seven has its relevant health issues – related to the organs, muscles, bones, nerves – that “live there”.

Once you know which of the 7 regions of your body you need to focus on, you simply apply each of the elements healing forces to it. How you do that is by moving – which comes by using muscles – in special ways.

There is an Earth way of moving, a Water way, Air way and a Fire way of moving to bring their particular healing energy into that weak part of your body.

One thing that is great about 4E Yoga is that you can do it anytime. You can do it while you are sitting at your desk at work, or while you are lying down, or if you are standing on line at the store, or as you are walking.

Further, once you become familiar with how 4E Yoga works, you’ll find that the various countertops, room furniture, stairs, and other parts of your home can be used as props to make an exercising moment even better.

It generally doesn’t take too long before people who do 4 Element Yoga are actually able to feel the transformative affect of having these elemental forces of Nature being drawn into their weak parts.

And too, people remark on how they can actually feel these energies of Nature more and more in the course of their day as they walk or do other physical activities. They feel their life has been changed in a positive way by now knowing how they can draw in these elemental forces of Nature.

Free Classes are Wednesdays at 6:30 pm at our Center – 465 Westcott Street. Free parking next door in the Boom Babies Parking Lot.

Call 422- H E A L (4325) for more info, and perhaps to ensure that there is room for you in the class.